Cron job monitoring (heartbeats) released

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Mar 04, 2023

Monitor your cron jobs with ease using Pinghome

Pinghome introduces the capability to easily monitor the execution and success of your cron jobs from a centralized dashboard.

No more manual log checks to verify the status of your cron jobs. Pinghome provides a comprehensive view of all the necessary data. Simply navigate to the heartbeats menu, select the integration language, and copy the provided code into your cron job. That's it! All the results will be conveniently displayed on the Pinghome dashboard.


Heartbeats (Cron Job, Deployments, and Task Monitoring)

Pinghome offers robust heartbeats monitoring, allowing you to closely monitor the execution and status of your cron jobs, deployments, and scheduled tasks. Simplify your monitoring process and receive real-time updates to streamline your workflow.