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Sep 30, 2023

Did you want to create status pages for your resources?

Now you can create your own status page with Pinghome. A lot of features are available out of the box.

We are excited to announce that Pinghome now supports status pages. With this latest update, you can now create your own status page and share it with your customers. This addition ensures that you have comprehensive visibility into the availability of your online services.


Pinghome Status Pages

You can create your own status page at Pinghome. It is possible to create a status page for existing resources.

Custom domain

This feature gives you the ability to seamlessly host your status page under your own custom domain, thereby enhancing your brand consistency and credibility.

Private status page

You can set access control by IP address. So, only the users with the specified IP addresses can access your status page.

Dark mode

It is possible to enable dark mode for your status page. Then by default, it will be displayed in dark mode.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics tracking ID can be added to your status page. Then you can track your status page with Google Analytics.