Nasir Aliyev
Nasir Aliyev

The most 10 expensive downtimes ever: A costly lesson in business Interruption

Explore the top 10 most expensive downtimes in history and learn valuable lessons in mitigating business interruption. Discover the financial impact of these costly incidents and gain insights to safeguard your operations. Prepare for the unexpected and protect your business from devastating downtime.
The most 10 expensive downtimes ever: A costly lesson in business Interruption

Did you know that IT downtimes can bring businesses to their knees, costing them millions of dollars? It's a harsh reality that many companies face. How often have you encountered frustrated workers unable to assist you, uttering those dreaded words: "Sorry, the system is down"? It's an all-too-common occurrence in our daily lives.

Consider this scenario: you've eagerly purchased a flight ticket to attend a vital conference, only to find out that your flight has been abruptly canceled. The reason? The system is down. The ubiquity of computers and networks in our modern world is undoubtedly beneficial, but there is also a darker side. When your business relies on technology that fails to meet your needs, operations grind to a halt, and financial losses quickly mount.

In this captivating blog, we delve into the recent past to explore the most notorious and financially devastating downtimes ever recorded. Brace yourself for an eye-opening journey through history.

Unveiling the top 10 downtimes of all time

  1. 1. British Airways (2017): In May 2017, British Airways experienced a critical IT failure that resulted in the cancellation of hundreds of flights over several days. The downtime was estimated to cost the airline around £80 million ($102 million).

  2. 2. Delta Air Lines (2016): In August 2016, Delta Air Lines suffered a major system outage that resulted in the cancellation of approximately 2,300 flights over a three-day period. The downtime incurred losses of around $150 million for the airline.

  3. 3. Southwest Airlines (2016): In July 2016, Southwest Airlines experienced a network outage that led to the cancellation of more than 2,000 flights over two days. The downtime cost the airline an estimated $82 million.

  4. 4. Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 Outage (2017): The AWS S3 storage service outage in February 2017 impacted a wide range of companies and services that relied on AWS infrastructure. It is estimated that the downtime cost businesses tens of millions of dollars collectively.

  5. 5. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Outage (2020): In June 2020, Google Cloud Platform experienced a widespread outage that affected services like Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, and Google Meet. The downtime is estimated to have cost businesses around $50 million in lost productivity.

  6. 6. Facebook Outage (2019): The 24-hour Facebook outage in March 2019 impacted not only Facebook but also other platforms like Instagram and WhatsApp, which are owned by the company. While the exact financial impact is challenging to quantify, it undoubtedly resulted in significant losses for businesses relying on these platforms for marketing and communication.

  7. 7. United Airlines (2015): In July 2015, United Airlines suffered a network connectivity issue that caused the grounding of all flights worldwide for nearly two hours. The downtime cost the airline approximately $150 million in market value.

  8. 8. Nasdaq Outage (2013): In August 2013, a technical issue at the Nasdaq stock exchange resulted in a three-hour halt in trading. The downtime disrupted the trading of thousands of stocks and affected market participants, resulting in significant financial losses.

  9. 9. Knight Capital Trading Glitch (2012): The trading glitch at Knight Capital Group in August 2012 led to erroneous stock trading orders, causing losses of approximately $440 million. The incident put the company at risk of bankruptcy and required emergency financial assistance.

  10. 10. JPMorgan Chase (2013): In August 2013, JPMorgan Chase experienced a major IT outage that affected their online and mobile banking services. The downtime lasted for several hours and resulted in significant losses, though the exact financial impact was not disclosed publicly.

  11. Mitigating Downtimes: The Key to Minimizing Losses

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