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Apr 04, 2023

Introducing condition-based keyword and API monitoring

Need to check if your website or endpoint contains or does not contain a specific keyword? Or maybe you need to monitor API and property values from response body?

We are pleased to introduce condition-based keyword monitoring, a powerful tool for ensuring your endpoints or websites deliver the expected results. With this feature, you can monitor your keywords using conditions such as "contains" or "does not contain".
Also now our flexible monitoring system allows you to choose any specific value from the JSON response of your API calls. Whether it's a numeric value, a string, or a boolean, you can now focus on the data that holds the key to your application's performance.
Once you've selected your desired value, you can easily define conditions based on your expectations. Whether you want to be notified when a value is greater than, less than, equal to, or not equal to a certain threshold, our condition-based monitoring has got you covered.


Condition-based keyword monitoring

Effortlessly monitor your keywords using conditions such as "contains" or "does not contain" to ensure the desired results for your endpoints or websites.

API monitoring with different conditions and operators

Monitor any property values from response body depending on your needs. You can set different conditions for each property value. For example, if you need to check the stock amount of any product from API and to be alerted when it is less than 10, you can set the condition as "less than" and set the value. Your team will be notified immediately when the stock amount is less than 10.