We have developed the ⏰ "Scheduled Maintenance" feature and it is live now!

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Jul 14, 2023

Who wants to get alerts during the maintenance period? Probably no one.

With this feature, you can automate recurrent scheduled maintenance periods to avoid receiving alerts during that time.

We are happy to meet your requirements and build features that you really need.


Scheduled Maintenance period

You can now set a scheduled maintenance period for your resources. During this period, you will not receive any alerts. You can set the schedule as a cron job expression. For example, you can set the schedule as every day at 10:00 PM. Or you can set it as every Monday at 10:00 PM and etc. The second parameter is duration. Which is about how long the maintenance period will last. For example, you can set the duration as 1 hour. So, every Monday at 10:00 PM, Pinghome will automatically set your resource as maintenance mode for 1 hour. And you will not receive any alerts during this period.